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Hello,I am Forgotten [at] ForgottenSec.com and @ForgottenSec on twitter. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am developing the CTF Wiki to help students and anyone else interested to learn through infosec Challenges.

I am the President of Unallocated Space which sports the motto “Teach Learn Build!”
There are no central repositories for information on Information Security Challenges especially on Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. I feel it benefits future classes at my school, other schools and Professionals interested in participating to host information explaining how the competitions work.

I am hoping others help in this endeavor as its a huge project, but I will keep working on it when I have time.

Other Projects I am working on:

Barcode Shmarcode at Shmoocon (http://blog.forgottensec.com/barcode-shmarcode/)
Compete in a contest of creativity and creation with only one rule, your entry must scan with our scanner as a valid Shmoocon Barcode for that year. Each year, we have a different theme, but the rest remains the same.

InfoSec Book Club (http://isbc.forgottensec.com/)
Monthly book to be read and discussed through the forum and through g+ hangouts (3 of the 4 authors for Dissecting the Hack were on even though it was accidentally scheduled during a conference talk)

The University I last attended sported a motto: “If I don’t find a path, Make a path”. Ironically close to the hacker mentality needed for success.

The more formal me can be found here

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