I am involved in a bunch of events, so I decided to make a page dedicated to them:

QuietCon – a un-party at Defcon at night where intellectual conversations can happen without loosing your voice and/or hearing!
NoobCon – a conference for noobs to infosec!
Minicon a mini conference every few months to provide a place for testing of talks and/or sharing of knowledge at Unallocated Space
Barcode Shmarcode – a Shmoocon competition dedicated to coming up with the most creative way to display your valid con QR code


Information Security Conferences are a very enjoyable experience that change dramatically as you begin to know more people from within the community. One of the biggest lessons is that your network of people is extremely valuable! In an effort to do that, I have worked to go to at least one new information security conference per year.

Having been to over 50 cons, I have found way too many night-time events where its difficult to impossible to have a decent conversation with someone next to me. “Hacker Summer Camp” which consists of Defcon, Blackhat and BSidesLV seem to be large enough to support a strong quiet event where people can continue intellectual conversation at night without getting plastered and without blaring music. As several of us expressed frustration over the noise in public areas while trying to have a conversation, the idea of “QuietCon” was born and shortly thereafter, @Quiet_Con was created. This will be a room in Caesar’s Palace dedicated to quiet conversation at night!

We are working on both badges with a built-in decibel meter as well as a large decibel for the room. We want this event to give everyone the opportunity to have cool conversations in a setting where you won’t lose your voice for a week after the con. Quietcon Badges lose HP when attendees are too loud, and regenerate HP when in a quiet area. If a badges HP drops to zero, various behavior modifiers are applied, including requiring attendee to exit the area and play flappy bird quietly until HP is regained… The link below is to the kickstarter to make this event happen! Reserve your badge/sticker/patch today! Our goal is to have QuietCon on Saturday only for DefCon 26.

Contributor $?
Sticker $5
Patch $10
Sticker + Patch $15
Badge $100
All of the above $115
Thursday Night Banner $1337
-Banner up Thursday night (Sponsor Supplied)
Full Sponsor (limited) $4000
-Banner up all nights (Sponsor Supplied)
-Use of room

2018 Event Status: Sat Night in Nobu

Current Sponsors:
Forgotten Security


a conference for noobs to infosec! The idea was discussed, but most of the members are too involved in other projects to move forward at the moment.

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