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Hello, I am Forgotten [at] ForgottenSec.com and @ForgottenSec on twitter. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

I was the president of Unallocated Space, a Maryland Hackerspace, for 5 years and a keyholder for several more, which sports the motto “Teach Learn Build!”
There were no central repositories for information on Information Security Challenges especially on Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition. I feel it benefits future classes at my school, other schools and Professionals interested in participating to host information explaining how the competitions work.

I am hoping others help in this endeavor as its a huge project, but I will keep working on it when I have time.

Between 2015 and 2017, I have been asked as part of work to describe what makes someone a hacker or not in terms of non-technical content. I believe the largest qualification of a hacker is to not let anything get in the way of learning, especially not ego. Lots of things come along with the intense desire to learn and understand things in far more detail than average people would consider important.

Please come so hello at con. In 2018, I plan to be at the following cons:

  • ShmooCon
  • BSidesNova
  • BloomCon
  • BSidesCharm
  • Circle City Con
  • BSidesLV
  • DefCon
  • Security Onion Con
  • BSidesAugusta
  • DerbyCon
  • BSidesPhilly

Other Projects I am working on:

Barcode Shmarcode at Shmoocon
Compete in a contest of creativity and creation with only one rule, your entry must scan with our scanner as a valid Shmoocon Barcode for that year. Each year, we have a different theme, but the rest remains the same.

QuietCon – a un-party at Defcon at night where intellectual conversations can happen without loosing your voice and/or hearing!

NoobCon – a conference for noobs to infosec!

Minicon a mini conference every few months to provide a place for testing of talks and/or sharing of knowledge at Unallocated Space

Older Projects
CTF Wiki
Project to document each Information Security Challenge I find and any solutions I can find. Ideally, this project will be transitioned to new students that have time to play CTFs and document their learning.

InfoSec Book Club (http://isbc.forgottensec.com/)
Monthly book to be read and discussed through the forum and through g+ hangouts (3 of the 4 authors for Dissecting the Hack were on even though it was accidentally scheduled during a conference talk)

The University I last attended sported a motto: “If I don’t find a path, Make a path”. Ironically close to the hacker mentality needed for success.

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