NSM: The Forgotten Frontier

For some reason, the skills associated with being a Security Operations Center (SOC) analyst never seem to be listed as important in HR.

Top Priority Skills:

  • Analytic Detailed Analysis
  • Basic Networking
  • Logs
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Application Server
    • Application Auth
    • Database Audit
    • Firewall
    • Windows Authentication
    • Linux Authentication

    Senior Level Skills

    • Protocol Analysis
    • Packet Analysis
    • Code Analysis
    • System Architecture
    • Logs
      • Web Application Firewall
      • IDS/IPS
    • Malware/Intrusion Attempt Incident Reporting
    • Host Forensic Analysis
      • Hard Drive Forensics
      • Memory Forensics

          Conference Talks related to SOC issues:

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