Two nights ago, I cancelled/refunded @HexWaxWing’s ticket to BSidesCharm.

I have always attempted to be fair and constantly questioning if my emotions are leading me down a bad path. Normally by discussing complicated issues with close trusted friends I prevent myself from allowing my emotions to control me, but this time I screwed up. I let my emotions dictate my actions rather than focusing on what is best for the event. Despite my attempts to do what is in the best interest for the information security community, I made a very poor decision.

Given my visible stress and anxiety over the last few years, I have stepped back from many things in the last year to try to help but I failed in this instance. I should never have let my personal issues affect her ability to actively participate in the infosec community. While Hexwaxwing has been refunded for her original ticket for BSidesCharm, I will be replacing it at my expense.

I apologize for my poor decision. I was wrong to do that.

I am sorry for the stress my mistake caused you.

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